Your Covid Recovery

The NHS has just launched a new web site dedicated to recovery from Covid-19.

Covid can have serious and long lasting effects so this resource may be helpful and informative for you or members of your family.

Developed by leading academic and clinical representatives, it covers:

What is Covid-19?

What Covid-19 is.
How it can affect you.
After a stay on an ICU.

Managing the Effects on Your Mind and Body.

Managing your oxygen.
Taste and smell.
Voice and swallowing.
Musculoskeletal, shoulder and back pain.
Fear and anxiety.
Mood and coping with frustration.
Memory and concentration.

Your Wellbeing.

Eating well.
Sleeping well.
Getting moving again.
Family, friends and carers.
Grief and bereavement.

Your Road to Recovery.

Coming home from hospital.
Managing daily activities.
Returning to work.
When to seek help.
What next?

Visit the site at: