Temporary Footpath Closure

Footpaths through the Chicken Farm will be closed, temporarily, to allow work to begin on preparing the site for redevelopment. This includes demolition of the chicken sheds.

Dorset Council has suggested an alternate path, which will be difficult to use, as the path marked in blue (immediately to the north of the Chicken Farm site) on the accompanying image has been an incorrectly marked Permissive Path since the Ridouts development was built. It is not, currently, open for public use.

This is being addressed with Dorset Council.

The closest suitable alternative is the one along the southern boundary of the Recreation Ground across to Little Lane (Mill Lane).

The closure comes into effect on 9th August 2021 and lasts for 26 weeks.

It is in line with planning application 2/2018/0458/OUT which can be found on the Dorset Council web site.

Full details of all recorded rights-of-way can be found on Ordnance Survey maps, or at explorer.geowessex.com where a range of useful tools are available to learn about features in the Parish and much further afield.

Derek Day
Editor – Fippenny News
Posted: 30-July-2021