Steps to greener living with Dorset Green Living Project

Sustainable Dorset’s Green Living Project was recently awarded £10,000 by the National Lottery Community Fund to launch a project that may help 160 Dorset households to reduce their carbon footprint. . . and there is still time for us to form an Okefords group of 6-8 households meeting say fortnightly so we can report back when the Project ends in July.

Groups of local households come together on a regular basis to work through the Dorset Green Living Guide. Based on the guide developed by Transition Streets (formerly Transition Together), it gives households the tools and information to help them minimise their carbon footprint and save money at the same time.

I hope to launch our group at a first meeting mid-Feb. So, if you are willing to play your part in tackling Climate Change, commit to half a dozen fortnightly meetings and look at your lifestyle with new eyes, read a sample chapter from the Guide : and then contact me by say Mon 17 Feb.

Dilys Gartside
01258 860157