Problems with Terrestrial TV

A parishioner told me, at the Parish Council Meeting last night, that a number of households close to the new mobile phone antenna (in St. Andrew’s Church) are having problems with TV reception.

The relatively strong mobile signal close to the church interferes with the TV signal and causes the TV signal to break up. (Ed: We’re far enough away, close to the Castle Lane / Castle Avenue junction, to have not experienced any problems).

When 4G was first introduced in the UK a company ‘AT800’ was created to ensure that people were informed about installations, and upgrades from 3G, and given free help to solve the problem. This included the necessary filters and, where necessary, installation.

The plan was to keep ‘AT800’ active until the country had 98% coverage with 4G.

The company has been rebranded as ‘Restore TV’ and are offering the same service on their web site –

If you’re having trouble with your TV since the mobile antenna was installed give them a try. Why pay for anything you can get for the price of a free phone call – especially if you need help to install a filter between (say) your TV aerial and a signal booster/splitter in the loft?