Apple, Pear, Plum and Damson Trees Available

On our estate in Ashmore, North Dorset, we are rationalising our Apple and Pear orchard and rather than disposing of the lot, we hope that they could be replanted in more appropriate locations. We are hoping for £1 a tree across all the varieties. we do have some smaller and larger specimens ready to go if needed. For those that are interested they are on MM106 rootstock so are bush/semi dwarfing varieties with a max height of 4 metres. The current size of the trees ranges from 4-6ft. All the trees would be supplied bare rooted and can be delivered where appropriate. I have attached the list of what we have for those interested! If any Community groups are interested please contact:

Oliver Ward
Tel: 07572360470

Apples and Fruit Trees

Cooking Apples

Bardsey Island x25
Grenadier x25
Lord Derby x30
James Grieve x20
Beef apple x10
English Codling x38
Galloway Pippin x13
Golden Nobel x15
Bountiful x1
Bramley x70
Hockings Green x23

Cider Apples

Tom Putt x20
Warrior ?

Juice Apples

Kids Orange Red x30
Ashmeads Kernel x70
King of Pippin x20
Ribston Pippin x70
Star Of Devon x25

Eating Apples

Nine Square x20
Discovery x40
Adams Pearmain x60
Will Crump x25
Katy x70
Red Windsor x27
Sunset x40
Greensleeves x34
Herrings Pippin x20
St Edmonds Russet x12
Rajka x10
Taunton Cross x10
Claygate Pearmain x12
Fortune x12

Crab Apples

Red Sentinel x5
Profusion x3
Evereste x10
John Downie x10

Pear Trees

Concornde x20
Beurre Hardy x20
Clapps Favorite x20
Triumph Of Vienna x 20
Comice x20

Plum and Damson

Opal x15
Czar x15
Rivers Early Prolific x15
Belle de Louvain x15
Merry weather x10
Shropshire Prune x 10